Close Encounters

He looked around her room, attractive shades of white and browns small hints of eye catching color. His fingers ran over her bedsheets, and he groaned imagining her silky skin as she slept. He had taken his shoes off and put them in the bathroom closet she never used. His feet encased in black socks, that matched his black slacks, dress shirt, jacket, gloves and mask. Her keys fitted in the lock on the door just as his had, she really should pay more attention to her belongings. It was all to easy to pull her keys from her purse and get a copy made while she shopped. He checked the camera angle again then tucked himself into her oversized walk in closet, behind her dresses and coats. As she opened her bedroom door his finger found the record button on the remote in his pocket. He wanted every minute, every reaction on her beautiful face. She sighed and slipped her heels off, sitting on the edge of the bed. Her head cradled in delicate hands, chestnut hair falling in satin waves. She was sobbing gently, worn out from her day, tired of the way things were going. A moment of remorse pulled at his conscious, had she not been crying things would have been perfect. Her phone chimed.

“Hey doll. Dinner tonight?”

She smiled. “If you’d like what did you have in mind?” send

“Better yet why don’t you come here we can order in” send

Her phone chimed again

“Sounds great, should I bring anything?”

“Just yourself and that handsome face. I’m going shower, be here when I’m out?”

He thanked his lucky stars as she slowly undressed and walked towards the bathroom. Moving quickly but quietly from her closet and out her bedroom window he jogged to his car hidden down the street. Cursing as he remembered his gym bag with a change of clothes was tucked under her bed. He looked down at his feet, no shoes. He sat in the car and drove away.

She startled at the ringing door bell and walked towards her date. He was nervous and pressing his clothes with shaking hands. She took a deep breath and opened the door, smiling and a little breathless. He looked so dapper in his black pants and black dress shirt. She giggled a little when she saw brown loafers, “we can work on that”, she thought. He smiled and took her into his arms, holding his breath a little as his hands caressed her silky skin.

now for a few days on teasing.


Close Encounters

A break in kink

First is a giant thank you too aisha, 

I think is her address. Ill edit if not. She’s nominated me for another blogger award. She has been with me for every step of my journey that I’ve shared. Always supportive and reminding me of where I was standing when I needed to be reminded. She is my friend. I feel very lucky to share ideas with her.

1. Display the award logo on your blog. ( i can’t from my phone)

2. Link back to the person who nominated you. (Done)

3. State 7 things about yourself. (This will be interesting)

4. Nominate 15 other bloggers and link to them. (Well I don’t know 15 bloggers)

5. Notify those bloggers of the nomination and requirements.

Alrighty well 7 things about me:

1. I’m seriously getting into forming poly relationships. They hold a lot of potential for me.

2. I was married at 18. Divorced at 25.

3. I am 5’9 without my signature heels.

4. I’ve only recently started to LOVE my body.

5. I’m an artist: paint, charcoal, words.

6. I have over 3 dozen published writings.

7. I played violin for a very long time.

And there you go. 7 things. Ill update the post from my computer tomorrow to add the photo.

I want to do something I’ve never done before. For those of you reading, leave a question in the comment, if you so choose. It can be anonymous, I will answer honestly. If I feel my honest answer is too much to confess publicly well …. maybe ill grow the courage to answer anyway.

I’ve been heavily exploring the poly-amorous side of myself. Of course all of the cons come to mind first. Then the pros follow up quickly. We will see where this journey takes us.

For tonight im sending you all loads of love. 1. For the mad recognition you have given me in the past few days. 2. Because you deserve to get it from somewhere. So it might as well be me.


A break in kink

Prison 2

We pulled up around the back of the giant library downtown and were escorted to the front of the building. The officer’s quick pace making both Aisha and I struggle to keep up. Our signs bouncing hard against our chests. We were both quite breathless upon reaching the door, two very steep sets of stairs behind us. They threw the doors open, the loud snap bringing attention to us in the quiet space. Customers looked up at us and absorbed our flushed state, the signs hanging heavily around our necks. I shifted uncomfortably, taking in the disdain. “This is unfair and ridiculous behavior, let me go right now.” I struggled against the vice like grip around my arm. “Put it on her now, i’m tired of the yapping.” the grip hardened around me. Two straps coming towards my face and I back peddled quickly trying to get away. “Oh hellll no …” my scream was muffled as the ball gag was fitted between my lips. The buckle pulled tight against my head and my knee came up against a hard cup protecting his crotch. I winced in pain and groaned loudly behind the ball. “There you go wench, keep up this behavior and it’ll be even worse for you.” Saliva pooled in my mouth as I sent out thoughts to kill. Aisha stood quietly beside her officer, watching, uncertainty passing over her face. “You won’t do that to me, will you?” she asked. “Not if you keep your mouth shut ma’am” he smiled down at her. We were paraded through the library, people muttering quietly under their breath.

At the check out counter a familiar librarian smiled at us. “Aisha, Andi welcome back. Policy has changed here at the library and I am happy to announce the two of you are our first detainees.” Detainess? I rolled my eyes. “You may lead them to the back officers, thank you for your swift response to the call.” She waved her arm to the side as if in welcome and I watched closely while she smiled. They lead Aisha in first, a small room waiting on just the other side. A computer screen glowed from the desk, on it I could see her blog open. I could see the joking comments we had made. I could see that this may be very unpleasant for the both of us. My guard looked down at me, watched me gathering information “Oh yes, we know all about the two of you. Spankings and rope and cock sucking. We even contacted little Miss Aisha’s Sir. He is waiting for her in the back room, her first spanking will be with him. Yours, well yours is with me.” I shivered, both in trepidation and anticipation. I hadn’t gotten a spanking in such a long time, I watched Aisha’s face as her officer delivered the news. I watched as a woman walked in from the back, she helped Aisha stand and slowly disrobed her. Disrobed her and cuffed her wrist behind her back. Aisha looked at me through the glass, looked at me amazed that we were here. Amazed that we were about to enter rehabilitation because of late library books.

A line of drool landed on my chest and I leaned forward to wipe it off on the officer’s shirt sleeve. “Saucy bitch” he grunted. “We are going to fix that and your penchant for breaking rules.” He shoved me roughly in the room, and sat in the desk chair. “Lets see,” he chuckled “Yesthankyousir. Can you say that for me book mouse? Say it.” I glared at him, drool dripping. He laughed and rubbed his hands together, “Do you really need the rules? I’m pretty sure your panties will tell me what you’re really feeling.” He depressed a button on the desk and the door snicked open. I saw the bare thighs of my friend disappear down the hall and heard her excited voice whisper “Sir, I .. I don’t know what to say.” the door closed. “Clothes off Andi. Except the sign and the gag, those things are going to stay on for a while.” He stood while my panties dropped to the floor “You can just hand those over to me girl.” I looked at him innocently and kicked them across the room, opposite his direction. I shrugged my shoulders in an “oops” gesture and turned my back to him. If he wanted my damn panties he would have to pick them up himself. I felt a fist in my hair push me forward suddenly, the globes of my ass jutting out. The first of many swats landed roughly against my back side. Swift, hard, stinging I gurgled behind the gag. He spanked me until tears fell as quickly as drops of spit. He stood me upright and walked me slowly through the door, I could hear the wooden paddle meeting the tender back side of my partner in crime as she thanked him for each one.

Prison 2

First Blogging Award!

Sinner, You popped my cherry!


You can find his sexy smut here, I don’t know how to link from my tablet.

His words are spine tingling, make you wiggle and squirm stuff. Seriously. I think I’m infatuated.

There are a bunch of rules. Let’s see if I can get this right.

Fabulous Gutter Blogger Rules of Acceptance

1. Thank the person who nominated you!  Chech
2. Link back to their blog in your post. Erm done
3. Post the image of the Award on your blog. Fin
4. Copy and answer the six questions from their blog post. Think that’s happened
5. Nominate nine bloggers, link to them and let them know they’ve been nominated. Nine?! Hoe boy

The Six Questions

1. What’s the kinkiest thing you’ve ever done?

In order: three way two guys and lotsssss of toys, three way two ladies mmmm we know how to play, the third is secret but I’ll let you guess.

2. What do you now know about sex that you wish you’d have known earlier in life?

I think I learned about sex way too early lol. But I wouldn’t have given it away so freely.

3. Is there any gutter fantasy you’d like to try?(tell us what it is)

Fantasy, fantasy …. hmmm probably a gang bang that I actually enjoyed, with some real time aftercare.

4. What’s the funniest bedroom situation you’ve ever been in?

I was getting my groove thing on, then he just BAM fell off of the bed. (I’m serious Sinner, you need to be more careful) All joking aside I thought he broke his dick. In real life, his name was Shelby.

5. Has gutter blogging taught you anything?

I have very naughty thoughts. Lol and so do a lot of other people. We could cause enough sexual energy to run a small country.

6. What is your favorite post from the person who nominated you?

Hmmmmm rets see herrrr,

Now to the Gutter Blogger casting couch and my nominations for the first Nine that cum to mind…

Well I don’t know 9!!! What do I do? always and forever, this woman meowwww. she’s under blog construction but just wait around awhile. the very first blog I found, she doesnt post anymore, but her backlogs will keep you entertained for days.

That’s it for now I guess, if I think of more you will hear about it. Much love to you sinner.

First Blogging Award!


For aisha and our naughty library habits.

“Miss, excuse me. Ma’am!” he chased after her as I sat watching from our corner table. “But is this your library book, you dropped it on the floor just a moment ago.” The open book lay in his hands and he smiled, handing it back to her. Suddenly he froze, “Wait, wait just a moment. I’ve been waiting for this title to be returned to the local library for over seven months now. How did you get it before I did?” She took a step towards him attempting to reclaim the book, she smiled softly and apologized. “I was just returning it today, if you’d like you can follow me straight to the library and check it out when I return it. I’m sorry if it’s caused you any delay.” He snapped the book shut and held it tightly to his chest. “You mean you’ve kept the book all this time? You haven’t returned it?” With incredulous eyes he began shaking his head back and forth. “Amazing! This is just amazing, waiting all of this time and you have just been holding on to it. Have you read it again and again or what?” Her eyes met mine, she was starting to get uncomfortable with the interaction, I stood and walked over. Picking up my handbag and my own late copy of the argued over book. Reaching the dueling pair, I extended a hand in introduction. “Hi my name is And ….” He reached over and snatched the book from under my arm.”Both of them!” he exclaimed, “You two thieves have had both of them!” Reaching in his pocket he hit one button and held the phone up to his ear. “Yes I’d like to report a crime, I’ve found two faulty customers of your library. We are at the cafe right around the corner. Yes I will wait here with them.”

I laughed imagining two quiet librarians coming through the door, handcuffs and late notices in hand. She looked at me confused and slightly delighted. This was going to make for a very interesting story. Moments later two very burly, albeit, attractive men came in. Wearing well fitting blue uniforms, the initials PLDD sewn into their shirts. Our accuser stood pointing a shaking finger at us, “This is them, the thieves I called about. Hoarding precious public books.” I stood taller, squaring my shoulders off and smiled brightly. “PLDD, huh? What does that stand for?” I said flirtatiously. “Public Library Disciplinary Department, ma’am. We are here to escort you to our rehabilitation unit.” I shook my head no and began laughing “Rehabilitation unit? We are not addicts or law breakers of any kind, we simply kept books a little longer than necessary. What law breaking was there?” His hand found my elbow as the other mimicked his actions with my friend. “Aisha, can you believe this?!” I laughed. The accuser stalked out after us, both books in his hands. We were deposited safely into a car, the doors closed and locked from the outside. I sat, watching our disciplinary officers claim the books from the smug man. “Don’t worry, we will straighten all of the out.” Aisha said quietly. “I knew something like this was going to happen on day, I just knew it. You remember I said something to you about it in my blog one day.” and I did at that moment remember. I also remembered making a joke about writing a story about it, yet here we were sitting in the back of this car, waiting to go to some silly prison.

The officers opened their doors and climbed in, one turned around and put large signs around our necks. I turned to Aisha and read it in amazement. “Hoarding Bibliophiles” I stomped my foot against the floor of the car “What is the meaning of this? Public humiliation because of a late book?! Let me out of here right this minute.” He turned around not saying a word, but treacherous expression on his face told me everything. He was enjoying this at our expense. “We have special ways of dealing with violators like you, we also amass tons of research on our worst offenders. The two of you have been on our most wanted list for quite some time.” Aisha leaned forward seeking only to reason with these two men “Most wanted list Sir? Surely our violations are not worthy of some silly list. Why you just bring us to your office and we can work it out there.” He looked at us in the rear view mirror solemnly, “It will be worked out at the rehabilitation center ma’am” All of this was beginning to feel very preposterous to me, my anger rising. “How about you just let us the fuck out of this car, asshole.” He nodded once to his partner, “If she speaks that way again, you know what to do.” His partner chuckled and reached under the seat pulling out a long box. “Oh yes Sir, I know just what to do.”


My libido

Today I’m wearing a favorite outfit of mine. It makes me feel very sexy. I shouldn’t be, as a professional, allowing sexy to be my choice.

But, sitting in this dark kitchen, with the sweet juice of an apple coursing down my hand, I’m very turned on.

My lips are full, swollen, throbbing. Slick with arousal.

My breasts are heavy, nipples jutting out against the fabric of my bra.


The need to be taken roughly. Dominated. Hurt. Choked. Fucked.

I feel in me the steady beat of native drums. No nationality, feral, fertile.

The shimmering jewel tones of a harem full of precious treasure.

Curling smoke and the soft smell of incense.

I can feel the wild cat in me, stretching long legs. Unfurling claws. Yawning from a half years slumber.

Imagine floating in a deep lake, warm and comfortable. Your toes dipping lower to reach cold murky depths.

That’s where I am right now. Waiting for someone willing to taste me.

My libido