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I had started out a big long post about how I feel like I failed myself. But fuck that.

She twisted against the tight ropes binding her. Every muscle in her body straining to break free. The fibers of the coarse rope rubbing her tender skin raw. She was so pissed.

He watched from the chair hidden in the long grass. The curl of his damp hair the only sign of submission to Louisiana summer heat. His hard cock beat a tempo in tight jeans as he studied her from behind.

Mosquitoes landed on her fair skin, leaving swelling welts of itchy madness. She was screaming against the gag in her mouth. Screaming at the torment. Her anger turned into hatred.

He reached down and rubbed his cock. Rubbed it and moved his hips up, thinking of how her emotions were causing her more agony than anything. Of how there was no cane or whip in the world that could bring this out of her. Steadily he dripped precum into his jeans.

She felt the ice water first, it rinsed away the drool and sweat. She was still as angry as a wild cat strung up in those trees. She swore and cursed damnation on him and his family. It all came out in one long guttural moan. A slow fat drop of water hung on the tip if her upturned nipple.

He watched with a racing heart as the drop balanced on her flesh. The tension of waiting for it to fall was almost to much. Slowly his hand reached out to flick it off. He trembled as his fingers struck her dusk colored skin.

This post was


The pulse of the music beats through me, a tickle of feather brushing my collar bones. The satin elbow length gloves move under the lights. My hips set in a slow shimmy as I isolate the muscles in my abs and chest.

A slow rustle as something else drops to the ground. I use the toe of my pumps to slide it away. Moving the fan over the extreme waist to hip curve. I roll my pelvis forward and my chest backwards and then reverse the curve. A side to side swaying motion, moving the feathers. Moving your eyes.

I watch you in the crowd, feel your arousal growing. The dilation in your eyes. Your increased breathing. I see your accelerated heart beat. It fuels me. It makes me move the fan away from my body. Makes me show you the hidden secrets beneath my accessories.

This is how I burlesque


A poem

Razor burn razor burn

You annoy me

The end

Lol I’m horny. Today is so incredibly slow. Though I’m loving each blessed minute.

Sinatra apparently has me under his skin right now.

I think I’m feeling an upswing in my artistic wants.

I’m thinking of all of you today. Now is the time to clean your closets, its the birth of a new month.

A poem