DYRJST and a funny update

Here is another installment of jack assery.


This was a first message.

Why do people make me sick to my stomach? Fuck!

Anywho, I colored my hair.


So I’m brunette again.


It’s actually “mahogany” can’t leave all of the red out. I had a date recently, on said outing he “outed” himself to the first person ever. So we went shopping at Pier One after lunch.

What a spin cycle this month has been. Sending you love!

DYRJST and a funny update

Sneaky neighbors

I rent a room in this incredible house, my house mate is an incredible person. We sort of stick to ourselves around here, no inviting neighbors over for BBQ’s or chatting over the fence. It isn’t strained, it’s just quite. A sleepy, wave to the walking, smile at the puppies and children sort of place.

Our backyard is a lush paradise, really it is. With lots of comfy seating all around the patio. It has lots and lots of privacy, we will often spread a towel and catch the last rays of the day with no clothes on. I’ve gone out there a few times at night just to feel the cool wet grass on my feet.

This past week my friend has been across the country visiting and such. So I’ve been mostly without clothes. Feeding the dogs, watering the plants, napping on the patio naked. I think my neighbors have figured me out! Yesterday and this morning there was movement, voices, giggling on the other side of the fence as I moved about.

I’m not offended, I do find it humorous and now I need to find my robe.

Sneaky neighbors

With all that jazz


I like my body.


I know, I know. I thought you were body positive!! What the what?! Well I have a cute face.


Pretty fancy boobs.


I even love my belly and juicy thighs. But my butt……

My strange bum.

We have a weird relationship. Until. Until I took this photo.


And well I think that is both an accurate and lovely depiction of my derrière.

I like it.

With all that jazz

Season 1 Episode 1 of “Did you really just say that?”

So because of the sheer amount of ridiculous messages I get, I’ll be posting them here for you to enjoy with me. It will be tagged under “DYRJST”

“That’s ok you don’t seem like the type of woman someone would want around for a lifetime anyway.”

“Sure yeah let’s get married, I’ll get you pregnant and leave.”

“I would do anything to spend a day with you, like tell my wife I’m visiting my mom or something.”

“Well fuck your face is sort of cute. It does some shit to my cock.”

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Season 1 Episode 1 of “Did you really just say that?”