Drumming 4

They tested her again, tested the very fibers of her toned muscles. A finger inserted into her cleft, tasting. Curiously of the smells and texture. Penetration happened slowly, filling her small hole. The thing in her body stretched as she gasped. An intense burn started, nothing had ever touched her there. A sticky fluid rushed into the virgin orfice, filled her bowels with lubricant.

Her stomach clenched, misunderstanding filling her chest. The arm started to withdraw, she cried out, it quickly pushed back in. The arms holding her legs and feet secured themselves tighter. The tender flesh between her legs held apart roughly as her bowels were bred.

She felt as if she were being split in two. Bursts of air filled her mouth as she tried to breathe it in. Her body began to shake when the small fingers between her legs filled her other hole. Those fingers circled around, twisting upon themselves. Pushing further and further, feeling the steady pumping through the thin wall of flesh.

She felt her breasts being wrapped tightly, felt the tendrils around her ribs. Felt so full of this creature she was sure her body would burst. A mad thing started to happen, everything started pumping at a manic pace. The bindings tightened. Her holes stretched painfully, pulling her body to places she would never go again.

Then she felt it, felt the gush of viscous fluid inside of her. Felt it in her most sacred of places. She swallowed the parts of it in her mouth.

Everything loosened as she rose to the surface. The creatures pushed back into the caves in the murky dedepthspths. They watched quietly as she scrambled out of the water. Her trial had just begun, if her body could handle the gestation and birth of their kind. She would be granted her ultimate wish. If it could not, the creatures would be released from their confines and granted freedom. With her family taking their cursed place.

They would know by the sound of the tribes drums.

Drumming 4

Drumming 3

Legend says, she shall be given one trial. If she was successful in her trial she would be granted one wish. If she failed, her tribe would take the place of the creatures below. Until, such a time happened that a princess would present herself for the curse to be undone.

The bubble encased the princess and she fought with panic. Pushing on the edges and stretching her body everyway possible. She tried to break loose as her body was pulled down.  Down to the murky cold waters. Down to meet with these ancient creatures.

They eyed her carefully, tested her mind, her heart. A long curling arm reached out, penetrating the barrier. Water slowly began to leak into the oxygen filled space. Thin fingerlike tubes inserted into her nose. Pushing up filling her nasal cavity.

She fought against this invasion, fought to be brought back to the surface. Her legs kicked furiously, heart hammering in her chest. Two more arms reached out, catching her powerful legs. Coiling around until they met the juncture of her thighs. She shivered as it passed there. Tremors shaking the heavy breasts on her chest.

The fingers in her nose wiggled making her gag. They pushed further and filled her mouth with oxygen. She breathed deeply, strangely sedate. A part of her wondered if she had died. Wondered if she would ever see the morning sky again. Wondered if she would ever curse the bridal drums of her marriage ceremony.

Curious exploration began of her body. Her arms were bound and held taut. Long strokes of alien arms down her back, between the firm cheeks above her legs. Had “humans” changed so since the creatures last walked the earth?

Fingers slipped between her legs, further and further. Spreading the soft folds found there. Inspection only brought more questions. She was fertile and ready to be bred. There was no doubt, but could she hold one of their own?

Drumming 3

Drumming 2

Nearly eight days had passed, the princess paced on the edge of a river bank. She was naked without a hint of shame. Her mind was racing, how could she get out of this? Would no one stand by her side in confronting the tribe? Would she be turned away if she refused? Or worse, forced to marry anyway?

The drums beat in the back of her mind, there must have been a successful hunt.

Her breasts hung heavy and swollen, the time for mating was approaching. She could feel the change in her body and hated herself for being a woman.

“Why can’t I just be a man? Give me the things that would make me so!” She cried out loud.

Her body collapsed in grief, the silt of the river kissing her copper skinned feet. She shimmied further into the river, tears mixing into the water. It floated her lean body down, twisting here and there. Drawing her into a deep cool pool.

She floated, angst seeping out. Waking long resting creatures beneath. Filling them with need. Bubbles floated up, tickling her body.

She brushed her skin, ridding herself of the tickle. While a larger bubble formed beneath her. It grew in size and shape. Matching her frame and pushing upwards. Pushing until she felt the pressure on her back. She felt like something was lifting her from the water.

The creatures below watched closely. Watched and hoped that she was the one they’d been waiting for. The undecided princess that would let them roam the land once more.

Drumming 2


*Warning, strangely twisted chapters to come. This was written under hypnosis. Seriously fun experience.*

They call to her in the late night, the drums of her family. The obligation to be something she is fighting becoming.

Her father, the chief, could kick himself for spoiling her. She is as strong headed as he ever was. Why she wasn’t born a male was beyond him.

She ran through the long grass, swam in the forbidden currents, would stand in the eye of a hurricane to test if she could scream as loud as the winds that circled ’round. She was brave, just, honest, beautiful and all woman.

Her mother would pull her into their family dwelling. Swat her bottom until she sat with a huff on the ground. A comb pulling through the ebony black hair, making her wince.

“Why aren’t you acting like our princess?”

“Look at your knees covered in scars.”

“How will you care for a baby, with hands rough like your husbands?”

She fought these words, fought the chains that tied her here. She wanted to run, to be free.

There were two men in camp, big, noble, worthy of her standing. She wanted neither of them, yet, her father was letting her choose. She had only 14 days to pick her life partner. 14 days until the moon was full and her time as a girl was over.

14 days until everyone’s life would change and no one saw it coming.