Santa Clause

He growled. Low. Deep.

She shivered against the worn smooth post in the corner of the living room. Her clothes hanging in strips around her exauhsted body. The faint smell of newly cut wood and leather rising up to meet her. Why she had agreed to these games, she will never know. It all started to innocently.

Her strong legs buckled under the weight of her bags. The leashes for her two busy puppies tugging back and forth, wrapping around her ankles. “New here it seems.” She startled, nearly dropped the bags and the leashes. “You are standing in the middle of the sidewalk. Taking up the whole walk space.” She imagined muscular arms opening and closing, demonstrating her “rude” behavior. She could smell something familiar in the air. Leather? Whatever it was it annoyed her. Couldn’t he see she needed some help? “Oy, don’t forget your veggies. Dropped ’em.”

The nerve. If her hands were free. If the dogs weren’t there. *be nice* she chided. *No use poking up the new neighbor with some sassy attitude. You moved all the way to a new country for a change. You are determined to be a happier, less stressed person* A deeper breath in and out, she let go of the frustration. Just like her guided meditation steps said to do  forcing a smile onto her face she slowly turned. “Hi, could you be so helpful and …”

It was his eyes that stopped her first. His amused and dancing eyes assessing her. Knowing she needed help. Knowing he could offer it, calmly he stood leaning against her car. Rolling his thick fingers together against his pants. The toe of his boot resting calmly on the walk way. In his other hand her carrots looked strangled, she thought. Like he could just .. choke the life out of something with those big .. powerful .. unf. Calloused hands.

He offered the carrots to her. Slowly. Their rough texture resting on her lips. He smirked. The dulcet tones of his accent ripped through her pelvis when he offered one mind blowing word. “Open.” She did. Right there in the middle of the street. She opened her mouth to hold the carrots. “Now where’s the keys, ay?” Her eyes dropped to the wiggling fingers of her left hand. He snickered. “All tangled up and everywhere to go.” The warm flesh of those enticing hands circled around her fingers. Working quickly to untangle her bondage. He freed the keys. “Best not take anything. You’re like a set of stacked blocks. Might just topple over if I pull something out.”

She watched him. The way his pants hugged his thighs. Then the way the fabric worked over a toned rump. *get it together* she warned herself *walk. Follow him. He has your damn keys!* she moved cautiously up the walk. Following closely. He unlocked the door and stepped inside to hold it open  “Nice set up you got here. But unless you mean for me to see you stark naked you might want to close your shades in the morning.” His voice moved in waves over her as she set the bags down in the living room.

“I’ve been wondering”, he said casually, “what you get so worked up about around 2 every morning. Your moans cause me to get no sleep.” She removed  the carrots and smiled. “Well that’s none of your damn business. Is it? Now thank you for your speedy assitance but you can kindly leave my doorstep.” He stepped back seeming momentarily affronted. “A southern girl eh?” His dark chuckle filled her head with warm pulsing thoughts. “Welcome to the neighborhood.”

Months passed with them skirting around one another. Her sassy sideways glances, his cool nonchalant demeanor. She remembered to keep her drapes drawn and her grocery trips light. But fuck him if he didn’t like seeing her naked. Every now and again she could hear him talking on the phone. His voice always bringing to mind hauntingly sexual thoughts that she brushed away.

The Holidays rolled around and she was curled up on the couch with a glass of wine. The dogs chasing some new found ball. A sharp noise caught her attention and she peeked out the window. Her “new” neighbor stood in his front yard, drunk and … what was he wearing. A Santa suit? She laughed as the oversized bag tangled up in his boots. Giggled again as he nearly fell over trying to untangle himself. Slowly she stood and slipped her feet into a pair of shoes.

“Looks like you need some rescuing.” His fierce eyes caught her off guard again. “Ah. It’s you. Miss Southern United States.” He grumbled under his breath as she knelt down to untangle his bags from his feet. Giggling at his drunk predicament, time froze when she felt his fingers slide through her hair. They felt exactly as she remembered. His fist closed for a moment and titled her head up. She bit her lip fighting a moan. “Santa says you’ve been quite naughty with your cheeky behavior. Come inside”

Now two hours later her naked breasts  hung heavy and bruised. She watched Santa rub oil onto his hands, warming them as he sauntered over. The slow trail of his bites marked fire down her belly toward her dripping center. As his mouth newred he said one word “Open”. She did. 

This short snippet and more were inspired by a lovely friend of mine. Our overseas flirtation and his wonderful photos often causing me to have,some times, very naughty thoughts. He’s so graciously allowed me to use the photo that inspired this tale. I hope it inspires you a bit too.


The delectable man himself, you can see him and his amazing work on fetlife. FH_CREATIONS 

Happy holidays my lovely friends.

Santa Clause

The brighter side

How can I fail when I have these incredible people fighting for me.

From Hannah:

I need you to read this and believe everything I say. Because what I am about to say is FACT. Not opinion. You are a beautiful, amazing, passionate, talented woman. You are loving and caring. My life, and so many other lives have been empty until you came along. There are many people in this world that are too stupid to realize that what a person looks like does not matter. Those people will be unhappy forever because they don’t deserve anything better than unhappiness. You deserve, and will get, a person that looks at you with so much love and care. I know it feels like you won’t, trust me I’m there, but they will come along. You are the most beautiful person I know, inside and out. I hate that you are so down about yourself at this point in your life, because you are complete perfection. Everything about you is amazing. I need you to remember that. Remember that you are worthy of great love. That guy is a worthless piece of shit, and so is anyone in this world that can’t see your perfection. I love you more then words will ever be able to express. I’m sorry you are going through this but I really need you to promise me that you will do your best to not let what he told you change anything about you. There is nothing that needs to be changed. I love you so much. And all I want to do right now is kill him because he doesn’t deserve to breathe the same air as you. I know that sounds over dramatic, but that’s how I truly feel.


3 reasons to fall in love with you everyday.
1. You have the most amazing laugh. It let’s everyone around you feel your joy.
2. Watching you do or talk about something you love. I have never seen anything light up like your face does when you create.
3. You are the most hard working amazing beautiful person I know.

And my friend Mat who says:

I have a voice that could calm the wildest storm. Or stir up a fire in his loins depending on the subject.

(Que the true meaning of “friend” here as in, if that man were in the US and not the UK I wouldn’t leave the bedroom except to bathe and eat.)

The brighter side

Promise of sin

His skin was so close to mine, yet a million miles away. We had been here before time and time again. The lingering taste of his salty cum on my tongue. The smell of our coming together in the air.

He rolled over and sat up slowly. Bulky muscles moving under his skin. Pulling his body from my bed he walked across the hall to the bathroom. I could see him there, his hand running through his hair. My legs splayed open and quickly cooled in the conditioned air. A broken sex toy pushed aside.

I curled into myself. Holding my arms tight across my chest, a strange burning icy pain grasping my heart. Fighting tears I buried my head in the stack of brightly colored pillows at the foot of my bed. Dozing off while hardly registering the sound of his slacks sliding back on. The faint metallic click of the belt buckle. The warmth of him leaving my room.

Keys. Wallet. Cell phone. Jacket.

Chain. Dead bolt. Door Handle. All unlocked.

A boot fall on the threshold. 

“I’ll pick you up at 8. Wear the red dress.”

I’ve been having the most vivd dreams

Promise of sin

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Wanted to also make a note here.

The question was posed to me recently. I thought for two days, has my heart changed?

I want someone who loves my sexuality as much as my laugh. Who will pull me into their lap and over their knee. Someone who can just a readily handle the fact that I love glitter as much as I love learning something new and powerful. That there are very few things I dont know in regards to healing you with herbs or essential oils. My hands will heal you, just like my love will. Someone who takes advantage of the wanton woman in me but not the child. A person who will crawl into a fort made of blankets and pillows with that child. In the same token compliments my Cuban heeled stockings and garters when Im ready to be your concubine. Get used to the fact that I will always be a princess who can run through a muddy field. I have a mothers heart: soft, loving, encompassing, wildly fierce. While this life has not been kind to me or my body. I will love you, I can love you. I want a person who can love that. Who can make up stories and listen to rock music. Who can make me number one, because I often forget to do it.

And a photo for good measure


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It beats through me

A steady





Ancient and rhythmic

Wild and hardly controlled

My mouth waters

I want you.

I want the untamed taste of your tongue in my mouth.

I want to tighten and twist my body around the


Part of you thrusting into me.

Feeling my


Wrapped around you.



Do you remember my sweet cherry blossom, when we first exchanged numbers and would text constantly? The chime on my phone became a new addiction. You’d listen to me ramble as I walked past old lovers holding hands in the night. The melted chocolate tones of your voice making me wish, for the first time, I were home in our Southern state.

Or the first time I held you, your skin, really I still can’t believe. I held you. In my arms while you slept, purring in your dreams. Making me wish I really were this better person I wanted to be for you. Making me wish we could stay suspended here in this dream land. Where the stressors of our lives could not effect the love in our hearts.

Where my passion, need, desire never waned. This place that reminded me, you are always my angel. My dream girl. My heart.

It breaks now even as my blood boils from the memory of you beneath me. Watching me with those caramel eyes as I take you. Over and over. The insatiable desire in you, fueling the fire in me. I would have expired there, feeding your body and soul every ounce contained in me. Every ounce.




I dreamt of you last night.

Dreamt of you sliding into silky sheets, your skin as smooth as the fabric. Slipping your warm soft body in next to mine. The first contact of our skin made me moan. I was already humming for the touch of your hand. My mind reeling at the realization that your lips would soon be on mine.

Oh just the smell of you is enough to make me mad.

Do you remember when I said that I love to shower at your house? That I long to walk around immersed in the smell of you. It was true, it still is. If only I could walk into your home the way I had before .

But I’ve lost track. My dream! Your hand caressed my chest, short nails skimming down my skin. Tracing the arch of my ribs. A sudden flash memory reminded me of your teeth there. Softly nibbling the skin, taking my flesh and pulling lightly. Making me pull away and then push into you. As your plump lips slowly engulf my rigid staff, I think this will never be enough. No matter how much of me I get inside of you. It will never be enough.

Consume me. Let me swim in you.