She had waited all week to join her friends for their monthly “girls night out”. They all met at her house excited and dressed to kill. High heels clicking across her floor, her little dog chasing hem lines. She relaxed at the bar laughing and joking. Once everyone arrived and they had time to catch up it was time to leave. She looked around the house and set the alarm as they left. Her eyes resting on a box in the corner, she sighed slightly and shut the door firmly. That box of her ex’s things wouldn’t ruin her evening. They arrived at their usual bar and drifted towards the bartender to order drinks. She scanned the room quietly waving small hellos to familiar faces. She never noticed the man who had followed the train of vehicles there. The man standing in the corner now, watching her every move intently. As if she were an exhibit in a museum.
Generally she was very sharp and he had to be careful. He surveyed her closely all of the mirrors giving him creative vantage points. He watched the way her dress dipped dramatically in the back. Revealing more then less of her curves. The toe of one foot moved seductively up and down the calf of her opposite leg. She was so quietly sexy, moving around stopping for short conversations here and there. He felt himself stiffen with lust and a fair bit of jealousy as she tossed her head back in laughter. Her hair falling in waves of auburn silk, hanging heavily past her shoulder blades. He craved to posses her, to pull her to him by those tresses. To have her beg for the release she unknowingly denied him every time he saw her.

She nodded her head in a polite hello as she passed his table no recognition in her eyes. He smiled and she felt a shiver pass down her spine. Curling around her belly and across her hips. Like big warm hands feeling her body from behind. She walked into the bathroom and washed her hands closing her eyes for just a second when the lights went out. She jumped and let out a startled cry when something pricked her arm. Pulling away her body lunged towards the door and a deep chuckle filled the small bathroom. She stumbled out shaken and disoriented the hallway waving in front of her.
He slid out of the bathroom watching her sway in front of him. His hands found the exposed part of her back and started to guide her out of the back door. She gazed up at him a mixture of anxiety at the way she was feeling and thanks for the assistance playing across her face. He bent down to her ear whispering gruffly that she was safe and he would take her home. His hand moved up slowly and she started to tremble. Fingers trailing over smooth skin until his palm found the curve of her neck. A satisfied sigh left his parted lips as she gasped in surprise when his hand tightened into a fast and hard fist in her hair.
Her head hung heavily in the front seat as he directed his truck into the driveway of the cabin. He ached to see her, taste her. Tease her into a sobbing mess. Even in drugged sleep she was seductive, legs parted slightly breasts rising and falling. The lights from the porch maddening as they cast shadows over her porcelain skin. His hand skirted at the hem of her dress pulling it up slowly. Revealing more and more of her muscular legs. The instant throbbing between his thighs begged for release. Begged to dive into her hidden depths.
She parted her ruby lips and moaned incoherently as rough fingers molested her weeping slit. He unbuckled himself quickly and cursed his impatience as her panties were torn away in shreds. Fingers pushing into tropical moisture and heat. She arched clumsily lips moving in what he imagined was a continuous and begging pleasepleaseplease. Glad with his decision to buy a full sized truck he positioned his body and hers with efficient ease. His pulsing tip meet her lips and he grunted with surprise. Only short shallow thrust were being received in the clutching heat of her. She shook and trembled beneath him, he pulled the daring “v” of her neckline down. Hands squeezing at her bountiful soft breasts. She gasped, her body opening to him suddenly he was immersed and lost inside of her pleading body.