Carni Fin

I pull my head up sharply wanting and despising my need for his attention at the same time. I wanted to warn him to stay away from my friend, I would do anything just leave her alone. He walks over slowly to me, finger trailing my body my stomach curls and skin raises goose bumps. The glowing cherry of his cigarette burning bright against the damp darkness of the inside of the tent.  I groan and shake my head savagely back and forth begging him with my body to stop. “I played you like a good set of drums there tramp. You’re lucky I didn’t pass you along you know. Those fellas down there would have ripped this pretty ass up.” As if to further drive home his point he slides a finger into my newly de-virginized hole. I squeeze down hard and he groans, “Such a nasty little whore aren’t you. I think your sweet taste and your even sweeter disposition is going to force me to disappoint the boys here because i’m keeping you for myself.” I jump as two sharp whistles blow outside, he chuckles “Slut you’ll learn to love that noise, later it’s going to bring me back to you, to let you out of your cage.” He moves stealthily across the tent, rooting around inside of something. I listen carefully as he unzips a small bag, glass bottles clink, and he walks towards me again. “Alright slut the gag comes out now, make any kind of noise and you’ll know the feeling of regret.” Quickly like an industrial band-aid he rips the tape off, pushes his fingers in past my lips and digs the significantly smaller candy out of my mouth. I move my mouth open and closed, open and closed trying to relieve pressure in my jaw. “That soreness will be gone when you wake up pet.” When I wake up? A cloth covers my nose and mouth a sweet antiseptic smell washes over me. “Breath deeply little one, this shouldn’t take to long.” His words get fuzzy as I feel my muscles relax, my tongue feels thick in my sore mouth and a small moan escapes my lips.  My head is spinning again and I register somewhere that I could have really been injured by the knock to my head.
A shaft of sunlight pierces my eyes as two figures walk in; I see my friend knocked out cold over the shoulder of one of them. In my haze giggle a little, remembering a frat party we went to in college that felt a lot like this, “Don’t worry about her I didn’t want her out completely takes to long for them to wake up. The friend is small enough for the brown bag, she needs the black one.” My legs are the first to be freed and I pull them up to my chest, terror setting in as I see my oldest confidant tossed onto the bed next to me. Her eyes rolled back, tongue protruding spit trailing past bloody lips. “What … why?” I ask looking around at the three figures around me, blacking out and coming back to scenes before me like a strobe light.
“Hurry it up, zip the bag she’s first on the truck.” My friend is gone; in a fuzzy dreamlike state I realize my forearms are being tied together my thighs flat against my stomach and chest. Securing me in a fetal position, I feel fingers prodding my most private parts and I’m gone again.
I come to seeing the last of the inside of the tent through a two-inch gap, my fingers though going numb brush against fabric like canvas. The rest of the bag is zipped up, black as the deep sleep I settle into. The last thought in my mind is how I would let my boss know, I’d probably be late for work tomorrow.
As I wake slugging through this marsh like dream land I feel like I’m standing but must not be. I smell the light lavender scent I soak my sleep mask in, what a bizarre dream all of this was. Its so cozy here in my bed, how did I get home last nigh…… Ok that noise is defiantly not my place. “Owwwwww” a scream rips past my lips as I suffer through a sharp tug on my throbbing nipples and I’m panting. “Good morning slut.” The faint smell of cigarettes fills my nose, “I’ve been going through your things here while you were sleeping, not a one sex toy. No wonder you soaked me like you did back there. But your pretty little sleep mask came in handy. Would you like to see your new home pet?” He clasps my face and softly licks my lips holding my head very still, “Open up little one, I have a treat for you.” I open my mouth afraid and am greeted with the blessed fresh taste of water, my parched throat aching. I gulp down quickly trying to pull my hands to the cup, instantly aware that I am in an upright position. Feet in what? My heels? Wrists out and secured like I’m on a cross. “I will say if the church put up crosses with you dangling on it, I bet memberships would rise one hundred percent.” The dim light is painful to my sensitive eyes as he slips the mask down my face to hang around my neck. I gasp looking around, searching for something familiar. I see my panties strewn about the room and my hands itch to scoop them up and put them away somewhere. My shoes that were in their boxes thrown into a heap in the corner, my chest starts heaving as realization sinks in. I’m trapped, there is nothing I can do, and his hands stroke my hair. Sliding down my side and directly between my legs. Moving easily between my lips that feel heavy and distended, “Oh don’t worry cunt I got every minute on tape. From me taking you out of that bag like my favorite Christmas present to you writhing all over the floor while I fed you my cock. When I’ve got more time we will cozy up and watch it together.”   A shudder passes through me as he nods his head in satisfaction, “So easy to cum for me, but not yet.” He removes his fingers and they are dripping as he brings them to my lips. “Might as well get used to it girl, clean it off.”

Carni Fin

Carni 2

“I … I have a fiancé’.” I lie taking a deep breath trying to show control, as my arm is pulled higher. “He’ll be looking for me very soon and my friends they are here waiting for me.” He snorts through his nose, “You mean the ones fucking in my ride? Those friends? Some kind of standard you hold for yourself calling them friends. Don’t worry about them that situation is being resolved as we speak.” He steers me away from the only exit I noticed leading me deeper into the tent directing me with; careful there’s a trunk here, step up now pet, watch your shins. I notice him taking deep breaths, his nose buried in my hair. “You smell de-fucking-licious, stop here we’ll see what you taste like before I release you to the others.” I whimper at the memory of the terrifying ice cream vendor, it appeared as if he hadn’t bathed in days. A big wad to tobacco chew, in his lip and yellow where the whites of his eyes should have been. I feel the button of my jeans being tugged on, feel them sliding down my thighs, my wisp of panties embarrassing in this terrible situation. Rough hands pull them to the side as a finger is shoved between my pussy lips. “Oh you shaved for me I see, something I’ll be doing for you from now on. Don’t worry about me cutting you slut you won’t be able to move much.” My heart drops into my stomach as his rough thick fingers locate my fuckhole. “Look at you getting all dewy for me, training might be short for you. Unless of course you find you like me too much and start misbehaving.” I start to protest and he lets my arm go, hooking a finger inside of me lifting up, I feel like I’m dangling, balancing on his finger.  The hand that was holding my wrist finds my hair, “Oh I could play in this hair forever it’s so soft and it smells so good. We have someone on the way to your house to pick up your things. We’ll be moving on tomorrow now that I’ve got you my little doll.”
I stand shaking, penetrated, my hair held piano wire tight, tears are streaming down my face onto my breasts. Anger bubbling in my chest, my stomach turning, they are in my house. These carni fucking freaks are touching my things. A low grunt of satisfaction sounds from behind me as he licks his finger clean. “So tight. So sweet. I think I’ll have more.” He pulls back on my hair sharply and I lose balance, arms flailing trying to catch onto something. I land on a firm mattress of sorts that has no give, pitching to the left I try to get away. He grabs an ankle and I feel cold hard metal circle it. Click. Police cuffs? I sit up quickly, reaching down my leg trying to undo the restraint when he grabs my left arm, pulling me back down hard. My head knocks against something hard, wooden and I’m dizzy, set spinning from the blow. “Told you pet, be careful you’ll hurt yourself.”  Something smooth fits over my hand, like a glove, the inside of leather glove with no finger slots. I hear the clink of chains, as my arm is pulled taut, tight, stretching me in the opposite direction of my restrained leg. I open my mouth, just remembering I can breath. I can breath, so I can scream. A deep breath in and a scream horror movie worthy rips out of me. Standing the hairs up even on the back of my neck. “Thought you knew better than that whore.” His hand clamps down HARD over my lips, he pushes firmly grinding them against my teeth, and I feel a small cut open. SONOFABITCH. I hear antsy movement outside the back of the tent. “Can it you fucks, get back to work. I’ll let you know when you can come back.” After a few moans and a “he always get dem purty ones” the noise outside fades away.
He moves quickly around and searches in the dark for something, his hand relaxing on my mouth. I bite down hard on a purchase of skin, “Oh you like to play dirty huh? Well suck on this for a while.” He shoves something round and hard into my mouth. Its sweet like candy, he keeps pushing as it slides behind my teeth and I hear a rip of something. TAPE! He tapes a jawbreaker into my mouth. I feel his breath rake across my breast, “This is for the biting skank.” His hard teeth sink into my tender flesh through my bra, the fabric adding to the pinching of his teeth. FUCK! This huuuuuurts. “Now where were we?” Spit is gathering in my mouth behind this candy and I’m sobbing, gagging. “Pppuuuu emm mee ooo.” I moan and swallow hating the taste, hating myself, hating him.  Quickly he gloves and pulls my other hand, moves down to my loose foot that I try without success and to his amusement to kick him with.  He pulls and pulls it seems like forever stretching my legs apart. My thigh muscles burn from the resistance, I try to relax, try to pull away, try to show him I hate him. I fail at all of it. The thin bands of my panties are torn and pulled from underneath me. Naked save for my bra, that seems pointless in this moment, my breasts have fallen from the half cups. My nipples hard and protruding from the cold and fear. “Now I’ll be busy for a while, have some candy if you’d like.” He chuckles, the short growth of beard rubs roughly as he buries his face in the V of my thighs.  My hips jump as he arrows to my clit, pulling with his teeth the pearl from its sheath. I’m trying to remember to swallow as sobs rack my body. He is groaning and slurping I just want to kick him in the face and run screaming from this place.
I feel his demeanor change as he licks slowly from my ass to my clit. He spreads me further apart with his hands, like he’s trying to climb inside of me. Licking and sucking and moaning like a man possessed. I don’t have time to focus on him as I feel something push into my tight, virgin backdoor. “You should relax.” He says voice heavy with desire. I shake my head viciously NO NO NO NO NO. “Oh yesss. It’s going in and you are so fucking wet….” His finger pushes on ruthlessly, his tongue rough inside of me and I feel my body betraying me. I feel the build up of tension in my abs, my legs, though pulled tightly, quivering. “Mhmmmm let it go baby.”  A gurgling moan pushes past my gag, sticky drool slipping from my mouth, into my mess of tangled hair.  I feel a flood of fluids rush out into his waiting mouth as he continues to saw in and out of my asshole. Some part of my brain takes note and reminds me, I’ve never had an orgasm from oral sex before. You’ve also never had oral sex like this before, the naughty part of me says.
He pulls his finger quickly out of me and walks to the other side of the tent.  I see his face light up as he punches in numbers on a cell phone. The whole front of his shirt is wet I could die from shame. “Yeah Saul, this one won’t do for what you need. I know, I know you saw the pic I texted. I’ll pull her friend, doesn’t have the same rack but she’ll do. Those Johns on Fifth Street aren’t good enough for this one.” Silence as he listens. Pull my friend? John’s?! What the fuck is going on here, I test my bondage pulling, worry filling my chest for my friend. “Alright well you let the boys know to get the other one. Ill be busy for a while.”  He takes a deep breath and lights a cigarette the flame making his eyes dance. “Oh yeah” he tells me, “You and I, we’ll be busy for a long while.”

Carni 2

Erotic repost

A while back i had a blog here on wordpress called, yesthankyousir. In a moment of frustrated despair i deleted the entire thing. But not without saving some of my erotica. Ill be posting them here for you. I hope you like them … again. 


*Warning: this one is a bit dark. It also has multiple chapters.*


Carni 1


“Yo lips sho is so purty miss.” My eyes get huge and round as I nod thanks to the ice cream vendor. I back away and quickly remove the fruit Popsicle from my mouth, ugh why are these things always phallus shaped. My cold lips part in a silent scream as I stumble on the uneven ground and crash into a broad chest. Tattooed arms wrap around me catching my fall, strong tattooed arms. Strong tattooed arms with the faint smell of cigarettes and sweat. I scramble to right myself and straighten my shirt, these things always happen. One wrong movement and the deep V of my fitted tee shirt allow my breast a guest star appearance. “Be careful there girl, I could have been even creepier than ice cream Charles over there.” A quick nod to the vendor is received by a stupid wave of greeting from Charles. I feel a blush moving up my face as I realize his arms are now tightly bound around my breasts, pushing them together and up out of the collar of my shirt. I glance over at Charles who has apparently forgotten how to swallow and groan. What is it with these circus people?!

Pulling myself away from my inked captor I try not to reveal the pleasure I’m feeling at seeing his face. I glance down at my shoes smiling trying to reorient myself. Noticing the Popsicle lying in the dust on the ground, I unthinkingly squat to pick it up and hear a low chuckle. “Ya catch dem damsels and they hit their kness tryna thank ya.” Charles leers behind me. The words, stupid stupid stupid, flash through my mind as I notice my nose is even with his zipper. I stand up sharply and stalk away from the uncomfortable scene, hair and clothes all akimbo, still clutching the damn frozen treat.  I pick a tent and turn in hoping to get a moment’s reprieve to right myself and leave this damn carnival. My cell phone buzzes in my pocket I fish it out. “Andi we are going in the tunnelll of loooovvee. See you in 20.”  I am so never going anywhere with them again they always leave me feeling like the third wheel. Tears sting my eyes at the strange turn of events this day has taken.  First I get a flat on my car, then im written up at work, my friends ditch me to grope each other in the damn tunnel of love and now im a train wreck walking around alone at this creepy roadside attraction!

I run a sticky hand through my hair and straighten my shirt only to remember I left my handbag at the booth where I bought the Popsicle. That has melted to nothing but the stick I still hold in my hand. Thinking quickly to cap any emotional melt done I may be having: Trash can for the stick, retrieve handbag, text horny friends, get the frick out of here.  A voice rises from the cool darkness of the tent; “You know it’s really endearing the way you talk to yourself when you think no one is around.”  I move towards the “door” with a start feeling with my hands for the part in the canvas. What is my problem today putting myself in these situations? “Calm down you’ll end up hurting yourself, then I’ll have to patch you up again.” A newly familiar smell fills my nose as I feel a presence close by slowly pressing himself to me.  He grabs my wrist and pins it up high between my shoulder blades, a little painfully. “You won’t hurt yourself, I’ll take that liberty. More precisely you’ll give it to me, you walk around showing these tits off and expect no one to notice. We almost had to find ourselves a new ice cream vendor tonight; he just about had a heart attack. He’s waiting just over there for you, him and a few others I told about you. Now you have a choice little one, me or them?” He slides his hand down my body growling in my ear as my shirt is ripped to shreds. “You wont be needing these clothes anymore.” A small sliver of light peeks from my cell phone illuminating a tattooed snake crawling up his arm. “Or this damn cell phone.” My arm is pulled higher and a small moan leaves my mouth “Quiet slut” He fishes in my pocket and tosses my cell to the ground. Where he promptly stomps on it until we hear pieces crunching under his shoe. “Now that you’ve had a minute. Have you made your decision?”

Erotic repost