Close Encounters

He looked around her room, attractive shades of white and browns small hints of eye catching color. His fingers ran over her bedsheets, and he groaned imagining her silky skin as she slept. He had taken his shoes off and put them in the bathroom closet she never used. His feet encased in black socks, that matched his black slacks, dress shirt, jacket, gloves and mask. Her keys fitted in the lock on the door just as his had, she really should pay more attention to her belongings. It was all to easy to pull her keys from her purse and get a copy made while she shopped. He checked the camera angle again then tucked himself into her oversized walk in closet, behind her dresses and coats. As she opened her bedroom door his finger found the record button on the remote in his pocket. He wanted every minute, every reaction on her beautiful face. She sighed and slipped her heels off, sitting on the edge of the bed. Her head cradled in delicate hands, chestnut hair falling in satin waves. She was sobbing gently, worn out from her day, tired of the way things were going. A moment of remorse pulled at his conscious, had she not been crying things would have been perfect. Her phone chimed.

“Hey doll. Dinner tonight?”

She smiled. “If you’d like what did you have in mind?” send

“Better yet why don’t you come here we can order in” send

Her phone chimed again

“Sounds great, should I bring anything?”

“Just yourself and that handsome face. I’m going shower, be here when I’m out?”

He thanked his lucky stars as she slowly undressed and walked towards the bathroom. Moving quickly but quietly from her closet and out her bedroom window he jogged to his car hidden down the street. Cursing as he remembered his gym bag with a change of clothes was tucked under her bed. He looked down at his feet, no shoes. He sat in the car and drove away.

She startled at the ringing door bell and walked towards her date. He was nervous and pressing his clothes with shaking hands. She took a deep breath and opened the door, smiling and a little breathless. He looked so dapper in his black pants and black dress shirt. She giggled a little when she saw brown loafers, “we can work on that”, she thought. He smiled and took her into his arms, holding his breath a little as his hands caressed her silky skin.

now for a few days on teasing.


Close Encounters