If ever

An overview of her life was not easy, how could it be? It was not an easy life. She packed away the last of his clothes, so many boxes, so many memories. The walls stared back at her, the paint and wall paper lighter colors from less exposure. Highlighted areas that resembled wide open eyes. Her hands were dusty and hair a mess, she stood with an aching back. There were piles of belongings neatly stacked around the room, family, donation and trash. She walked over to an inlaid jewelry box and smiled, her thumb running over the gold edge. He had bought the box while in Japan, she opened it slowly and inhaled deeply the smell of a man she knew her whole life. He was gone now, all of his demons and ghosts gone with him, there was no one left to chase away. The doorbell rang and she walked away from all those memories with purposeful strides. There was no time to waste, so much stuff to get out so she could begin remodeling the house, preparing it for the market.

Her hand turned the old door knob and a fingertip slid into the dent that had always been there. The one that told her she was home. A large bulk of a man stood waiting, he didn’t say much but stepped to the side. Her forehead was even with his chest, she felt all the air leave her lungs in a long sigh. She peered around this strange giant and noticed a smaller man behind him. He was attractive in an unusual way. Dark skin, obtrusive facial profile, slightly balding, he appeared just a little older than her. She smiled and he smiled back reaching out his hand, “Your uncle called said you had some things to donate to the local boy scout troop.” she nodded dark hair slipping from her pony tail. “Yyyes I do they are back here, please follow me.” she was aware of every speck of dust, ashamed that someone had caught her wearing her dads old button down denim shirt and her workout shorts.

She moved quickly down the hall and heard the big guy grunt something out to the smaller one. A mumbled “no time for that …. My son …” it was muffled by the sound of her bringing forward the boxes filled with things she was donating. “all of these” she said with a sweeping motion “this whole corner is full of camping and survival stuff. It all seemed in pretty good condition. I hope you can use it.”
The smaller guy smiled and watched her bounce the ball of her foot against the floor. Her shapely legs leading up to them hem of those short … Very short cotton gym shorts. He imagined pushing them to the side as he pinned her against the wall. Feeling those huge breast, that were not very concealed in the old button shirt, press against him as she panted for more. He shook his head, the poor girl had been through enough. She didn’t need some single dad coming in and messing with her heart.

She watched from an old rocking chair as they carried out all of the boxes. Her legs up, arms wrapped tightly around them. She cried a little, seeing the camping tent, the hiking equipment. All things she wished he would have invited her to do. “oh dad” she sighed, “all the time we wasted”. The two men walked over towards her and she stood wiping her eyes, suddenly she felt strong arms encircling her. Holding her tightly against a well muscled chest. She nestled in close as the big guy slowly closed the door and left the room. “Take all the time you need to grieve. Don’t expect yours to be like anyone else’s.” he whispered into her hair. “I left my number on the notepad in the bedroom.” he held her away and softly kissed her forehead the was gone.

After her bath that evening she dressed and went back into her parents bedroom to find her cellphone. She found the tablet and smiled.

Call whenever if ever. XXX-XXXX


If ever