Library Nerd

I walk into the library; my slut heels click click clicking on the marble floor. The air rushing up to meet hot wet heat as I mount the stairs in my skirt and no panties. I hear the old ladies clucking their tongues asking themselves how any self-respecting girl could wear an outfit like that. Didn’t I know this was a place of learning and relaxation; I smile deviously at their husbands gazing between the steps to peek between my legs. Passing a mirrored panel I hardly recognize myself, the deep V of my shirt just hides the darker shade of my nipples. My skirt is far shorter than anything I would wear on my own. I feel naked. Naked and vulnerable and horny, but I am following your orders. I make my way over to the science fiction section scanning faces for yours. Nervously sending wishes into the universe that I don’t know anyone at the library that day. I notice men most women would pass over, the nerdy types with broken and chipped glasses. The smart one, that stutters over words in the attention of anyone slightly attractive.  I love those men, diamonds in the rough. But, today I’m not here for them, just here to show them. Show them how much I want you.  The corner, my corner, is there waiting for me. The low chair with low arms I always sit in, legs thrown over the side casually like it’s my own living room. The chair you found me in that day just a few short weeks ago, me pretending to read while I texted on my phone.
“You know you are distracting every man in here swinging your legs back and forth like that.” I grinned up at you, flirting. “Is it distracting you at all?” I laughed breathlessly. You smiled down at me and my heart stopped for a moment. A part of me realized maybe I should be a little scared, here in the farthest part of the library. Secluded and alone. I started to sit up folding my legs under me and pulling the big heavy book tight against my chest. My hair falling in waves around my face glasses perched near the end of my nose. My phone vibrated between the book and my cleavage, you reached down and plucked it out. Tossed it in my open bag on the floor and pulled a footstool up close to the edge of my chair. “Tell me why here in the science fiction section? Why not, oh I don’t know, romance?” I rolled my eyes and laughed, “Romance? Its not my cuppa.” I pulled my legs in closer relaxing a little, giving you the sign that you were welcome to sit down. Your hand reached out, fingers twisting in loose strands of my hair as you sat slowly on the footstool.
I shiver slightly as I maneuver around the chair and stand facing the corner; thankfully there is a corner shelf so I don’t look like I’m just staring at the wall. My nipples are so hard pressing against my bra; I can feel the tickle of wetness making its way down my thigh. Someone slides a book from the shelf two bookcases away I feel him checking me out, up and down. Can only imagine he is wondering how much I charge per hour. I slide my finger along the dusty books loving the smell it unearths, paper and ink and old books. “Didn’t I tell you to stand very still little one?” My pulse races breathing becomes erratic, you turn me around staying behind me. The chair pushing against my hips, I feel you reach behind and pull a book off of the shelf. Handing it to me you reach down and hike up the back of my skirt, pushing my feet apart with yours. “Now read.” Your back is in the corner and I hear your zipper being lowered. I start to read in a low throaty voice as your fingers search for the hot spot between my legs. You spread me open and enter quickly, thrusting in deeply, stretching me. “Are the words moan aloud written in the book slut?” You ask tersely as I try and stifle my moans. You pull out of me completely and enter again the noises coming from us are unmistakable. A lot like the first time you kissed me, right here in this corner.
Your hands rested on the toe of my beat up converse as you teased me about my clothes. My ripped jeans and t-shirt, you made me blush when you wondered aloud if I was even wearing panties. I had the urge to reach in and pull a bit out just to show you that I wasn’t lying. Your lips moved so beautifully as you spoke to me about the conversion of comics into movies. You made me laugh and I could feel myself falling in love, here in this dusty corner of the library. I heard my phone vibrating again in my bag and glanced down to look at it, when suddenly your beautiful mouth was on mine. My phone was forgotten as you swallowed my startled cry.  Your hands when into my low ponytail shaking the hair band free, my hair fell around us like a curtain. “You taste as good as you look, little one.” I wrinkled my nose trying to hide the spark of recognition in my eyes at your teasing and telling pet name.

Library Nerd