New Bitch

Sometimes quite was all I needed, turning off the radio and standing, just listening to the life outside of my open windows. I smiled slowly, lazily as the heat of the setting sun warmed my exposed body. It was light and cozy, the touch of two people in love. I giggled a little and turned to look at my dining room table, every inch covered in what appeared to be a kink tablecloth. I felt my juices start flowing, my thighs slick and small moans escaped me. Thinking back to the last few weeks: my eyes glued to the rope man, watching beautiful women being bound, suspended, used. Hard. My camera whirring, all I’d wanted was to put the equipment down and crawl past those lights. Ask with lowered eyes, please Sir consider me for your next demonstration. But, I didn’t. My hands travelled down my body, reaching the valley between my legs and I groaned. Bringing myself to yet another unsatisfying orgasm, I knelt to clean the mess momentarily looking at the proof of my sluttiness on the floor. I licked my lips recalling how those slave girls had to clean all of their mess. Rocking back on my heels it appeared from the outside as if the floor was diamonds and I was entranced.

Lost so in my reverie I’d not noticed the time, or the shadow on my porch. Sitting patiently on the steps watching me. After a certain amount of time I stood from my contemplation. My almost empty glass of wine stood next to the pictures. On my way from the kitchen, my fingertips caressed the erotic collage. I stopped in awe as the stack slid and uncovered a heart stopping image. It was almost to close to realize the situation. A beautiful blonde, rope pinching bruised flesh as she was nearly raped. Tears rolling down her flushed cheeks, make up smeared. You could just make out the fingers in her hair and the cock head at her lips. A glistening stream of piss making rivulets down her chin to cascade onto her breasts. The arch of the stomach in front of her leading the viewer to imagine this captive leaning back in pure bliss. I slid the picture from the stack mouth watering and made my way to the living room.

I moved comfortably through my house shutting off lights. I curled up on my favorite chaise and propped the picture up staring intently. The wine glass forgotten under the edge of my chair. Yet again my hand snaked between my legs, my pace much slower and teasing than the many times I brought myself off in the kitchen. I began to doze, limbs loosening and falling slack. My picture falling and floating under the chair. I would pick it up in the morning. As I fell asleep I realized the house was still open and shrugged living way out here was safe. No one ever came this way.

The whore fell asleep, my cock straining against the front of my trousers. Thirteen orgasms. Thirteen! she was satisfied by none. Quality over quantity I muttered. She would learn quickly the minx and leaving her house open. Who did she think she was? Anyone could walk in here. Any sadistic horny man she teased with her big innocent brown eyes. A man like me. I rubbed my stiff dick and strolled through the door. Looking at the pictures I’d commissioned her to take. She was worth every penny. What was it about this woman, my fingertips tapping the photos. I felt …. Almost guilty using these slaves in front of her. We would fix that. Now. Her light snores drawing me from the kitchen. She lay curled up like a kitten, hand still clutched between those thighs. My desire to posses unlike anything I’d ever felt before. She stirred for a moment arching her back in a seductive stretch. Seemingly offering her body to me. Every night for a week I’ve stood in her house and watched her sleep. Every night leaving with a raging hard on. Always saving it for tonight. I could smell her sweet scent floating to me. Lost in a trance much like the one she was in before she bent slowly forward to lick her slut cum from the floor.

She was so ripe. My fingers slid slowly into her hair she didn’t wake. The four nights worth of ghost stimulation I’d been applying working to my advantage. Something new for my new cunt I thought as my fist closed.

Wake up worthless bitch

She startled and tried to sit up quickly yanking her own hair.

What the ….

Don’t even finish that sentence up. Straight back slut.

She obeyed and my heart warmed, this would be easy. I spied the picture corner under her chaise and the smile spread across my face. That smile that had my girls trembling and wetting themselves.
Bathroom cunt I need to piss

She moaned and started to speak I pulled her up and to my chest. The buckles of my jacket bruising her beautiful lips. My heart pounding as she recognized me. Those honey eyes drowning me in realization.


I whispered and her shaking hand pointed to the hallway. We walked slowly appearing perfect dance partners. My cock rubbing into her bellybutton through my pants. She moaned, oh what a slut.
In the bath tub on your knees.

She shook her head, fiery hair floating around her. I shoved and she stumbled catching herself just in time. She began quaking as I lowered my zipper and let loose my bladder.

Don’t worry pet, one day you’ll be begging for this

She sobbed lips parted as I aimed my stream into her mouth. I looked down at her and laughed at the piss washing away the flood of her cunt juice. This is exactly what I needed, a brand new bitch

My heart beat in my chest hard as a drum and I hoped with all in me he couldnt tell. His pee cooled quickly and I shivered, whether in lust or chill I’ll never know. He snickered sinfully and turned the tap on. Cold water streaming onto my shaking body, his face a mixture of lust and .. What exactly? I groaned as he put the head of his cock against my lips, the last of his flow pushing past my teeth. The water sufficiently warm he pulled the knob for the shower and it crashed over me. Wetting my hair, rinsing his urine away.

I fucked myself in and out of her mouth, slowly letting her adjust to the size of my cock. Deeper I pushed the water from the shower head spraying against me but I didn’t care. Her mouth was better than I anticipated. She clutched the tops of her thighs moaning against me. Tilting her head back as I withdrew, cradling my stiffness. Opening her throat, accepting. I pulled her from the tub and walked backwards, her lips wrapped around my cock head. Sucking. Sucking like I’ve never had before. We made a wet trail her hair dripping on the floor, she crawled. She panted when I left her mouth, mouthing a silent “please”.
I stopped walking and she crashed into me and sat back on her heels. Two steps forward and she was leaning back further, her body between my thighs. I held her head tightly and continued to walk forward. Pushing her body back until she was forced to lie down. I attacked her head and pummeled her throat like it was a needy cunt. She gagged, goosebumps covering her body.

He brutally used my mouth dipping lower and lower into my throat. I had to time my breaths, tears spilled adding to the puddle under my head from my hair. He groaned and I felt thick gobs of cum filling my mouth.
Don’t lose any of it whore, I’ve been saving it just for you.

It seemed he would never stop, I swallowed quickly hoping not to disappoint. He stood still over my face and pinched the last drop from his dick, it landed on my nose. I lay there unsure of what to do. He smiled down at me and zipped up his pants. Walking away with the stroll of a satisfied man. I heard the back screen door slam and counted to fifty before I could even thinking of moving. Suddenly I jumped up and ran through the house closing the windows and locking them. My heart racing as I reached the back door, would he still be there? As I closed the door I noticed a package on the steps. Curiosity filled me and I stretched my arm out to reach it. Inside was a chastity belt with a lock waiting to be shut. A note floated to my feet:

I expect you to put this on, lock it. Forget about ever touching your cunt again. I have the key.

I breathed deeply and shut the door locking it. noticing for the first time the ring on the wall where I kept my spare key was empty.

New Bitch