Private Encounters

Alana’s fingers clutched tightly to the zipper tag as she danced and pulled trying to maneuver her body into the new dress. She sucked in deeply and worried about sweating anywhere as her heart hammered against her ribs. A new job, newly single, new hair, new … everything. She would succeed this time at being what she only hoped she really was. A great sigh of relief left her as the zipper slid home, she stood mesmerized in front of the mirror. Was this really her? A significant weight loss, then plateau, then sort of regain of a few pounds, which explained the aerobic workout into the dress. Still she stood, admiring curves she thought long lost. The peek of her polished toenail, through the peep toe of her heels, caused a smile to spread across her lovely face. Her hands smoothed the dress and she smiled a little more softly, forbidding her mind to reach into the memory box. Alana turned away from her mirror and walked with confidence she didn’t feel to her purse and keys. A short drive later she was at her new office, she unlocked the door and walked in hesitantly, like a child peering into her mothers bedroom at night.
It all smelled so new, the paint and carpets, her fingertips danced along the edge of the receptionist desk. The receptionist she still wasn’t able to afford yet, but the pretense of a front office made her and her clients feel that much more comfortable. Alana checked all the various rooms, humoring herself with images of the moving men bringing in all of the furniture. She attempted to look at everything with what she imagined was lifestyle virgin eyes. What did her beautiful St. Andrew’s Cross look like to an unitroduced person? Or her wonderfully extensive selection of punishment implements. Her hand shook as she opened the door to the room she hadn’t seen yet, the knob cold and heavy in her palm she stood, lights off, preparing herself. “Dimmer level 3” she spoke in a loud clear voice, rose colored bulbs washed the room in flattering tones of pink. The sight took her breath away, the formal dungeon, as she liked to call it, waited before her. Beckoning to every level of woman that waited inside. As Alana took her third step in, the unobtrusive buzzer sounded. Her explorations would have to wait, the first client had just arrived.

She walked into the lush front office and pushed her presence out towards the man standing in the doorway. He smiled and extended his hand, confidence .. check. They circled one another slowly, two predators on the hunt. A bubble of humor rose from Alana’s stomach through her chest and out of her lips. His head turned ever so slightly to the left a touch amused and bewildered. He handed an expensively papered envelope to her and sat on the edge of the desk. She remained standing and ran a nail under the glued edge watching him carefully. He was attractive in a way she had never paid mind too before. His green eyes sparkled next to darkly colored skin. She read the letter quickly and laid it atop the desk he was leaning on. Her ad had been very specific and so far he had followed to the the letter. He hadn’t spoken a word, but his gaze conveyed volumes.
She graciously waved an arm towards the heavy locked door leading to the back rooms. He moved ahead of her serenely and opened the door as she depressed the buzzer located under the lip of the desk. Alana stood just inside and waited as he admired details, nodding in agreement with workmanship and dedication. He stopped and knocked on walls, locating studs, checking thickness of walls with his hands as he stood sideways in doorways. She watched as the light of understanding started to shine in his eyes, every room was sound proof. He took his time as she waited patiently at the door. Occasionally coming out of a room with a happy air about him.
After a sufficient survey of the place he slowly approached Alana and spoke for the first time. “I’ve complied with your wishes. Produced the paperwork necessary for your approval. You have impressed me with your office and playrooms. I also find you just as lovely in person as I did over the phone. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.” He leaned in slightly and offered a light kiss on her cheek, she lead him into the outer room and bid him goodbye. A quick glance at her watch to check the time, Alana filed away Potential #1 in a drawer under the desk. She had three more interviews coming in and surely didn’t want one worrying about the other.

Alana’s day seemed to fly by, four interviews and two potential candidates. This was not going to be easy and she was fully aware of every draw back. She was determined to help every submissive that had been in the same shoes she had just removed herself from. To much hurt had happened and she had taken herself off the market, but she loved all of this. Power exchange, the intimate love bonds formed through submission. If she couldn’t have it, she was going to find it for others. Her friends in the lifestyle both supported and talked down her idea of a BDSM specific dating service. She was in the process of interviewing Dom/Domme’s, enjoying going through the long list of candidates. With luck on her side she would have her first mixer before the end of the month. Her list of available, trained/untrained/willing and eager subs all but vibrated in a separate drawer in her filing cabinet.
She stretched and laid out the two letters by the accepted Dominants, her fingers tapping lightly on the expensive paper of her first interview. Something about this man struck a cord with her, his eyes shining at her. Appraising her voluptuous shape under the tight fitting dress. She wanted him the minute they laid eyes on one another. Alana sighed and gathered her things, pausing for a moment to think about spending an hour or two in the formal dungeon. “These things are no longer for you silly girl” she admonished and turned off the lights. Pleased and satisfied with the productive day, she stopped at her favorite Thai restaurant on the way home and ordered the same thing she always did. Her thick carpet welcomed aching feet as she curled up in front of the fire place with the end of her wine and food.
Alana dosed fitfully curling up into a tight ball on the floor and shivering in her sleep, though her little fireplace had a healthy glow lighting the room. Images of her body suspended and teased danced through her mind. She awoke startled by a vibrating in her dress pocket. An email, from shining green eyes, expressing great pleasure in meeting her and viewing the facilities. He also made note of the attractive cut of her dress. She deflected the compliments and shot back a curt but kind return email, assuring him she would put her best efforts into finding the perfect sub for him.
After dressing and the short drive she arrived at the office, dressed in an emerald green dress. It fit her so nicely and she walked pertly to the door, the heels of her shoes tapping lightly against the pavement. Her breath caught in her throat when she entered the small alcove to the front door. A small bouquet of flowers beckoned Alana closer. She glanced around, finding no one watching, bent over to retrieve the tulips. The smooth texture of the petals made her smile. A small card waved with the movement and it said simply “How long will you make me wait?” She plucked the card out and slid it inside of her handbag, after unlocking the door and disarming the alarm, set the bouquet in the front window. She made a quick walk through of the premises and checked her watch. There was an hour before her first appointment, she stood tapping the pointy toe of her shoe against the carpet. “What the hell” she said aloud and began to slowly disrobe, hanging her dress and bra on a hook just inside the entrance to the formal dungeon.
She stood naked in the middle of the rose lit room, the light dipping in and out of her shapely curves. A pair of clamps hung from her nipples, her flushed cheeks showing signs of arousal. Alana walked slowly over to her favorite machine, a simple stool that had a powerful stimulator beneath it. She positioned her dripping womanhood over the hole in the stool and sat down. Depressing a button on the small remote in her hand she gasped at the first invasion into her wet folds. It slid slowly up, ever so slowly, like a lover that had been gone to long. Her body shivered when the dildo started to pull out, shiny and wet from her arousal. Alana clicked the button with the small arrow pointing up and her silicone mate pushed in faster. She dropped the remote as one hand spread the swollen lips between her thighs, the other snaking down to pull on her engorged clit. She cried out with pleasure, bumps running along her creamy skin. The distinct smell of horny woman spread throughout the room, Alana’s hips moved around on the stool. Wiggling against the unforgivable toy beneath her, she rocked slowly, willing herself or orgasm.
Her eyes closed tightly she imagined scenes that normally worked for her and quickly dismissed them. All of her old favorites not good enough. The chain between her breasts swayed with her rocking, pulling on her far to long not abused nipples. She stopped rocking and turned her head slightly to the side, hair falling in sheets over her shoulders. What … there is a noise, Alana’s eyes popped open and there he was, standing in the doorway smirking. She drank him in scanning his body slowly, as her eyes finally reached his shining green ones, he nodded once and her orgasm appeared lightening quick. Starting in her throat and coiling down through her belly, dripping like wax between her legs. By the time it was over he was there, arms wrapped tightly around her waist. He guided her to the large chair on one side of the room and pulled her into his lap. A sob from out of nowhere wracked through her body, he held her while she cried. Held her and spoke softly, “I guess you didn’t make me wait that long after all”

Was the wait too long?

Private Encounters