Sexritary 2

He was smiling knowingly, watching her squeeze her legs together beneath that skin tight skirt. If she thought the slut gear was lost on him she was mistaken. Those shoes were a pair he had admired on his favorite toy supply website. She liked quality things, the welded bangles on each wrist further attested to her womanhood. He pictured her with a collar on, the ring hanging heavily in the little hollow between her collarbones. He wanted to sink his teeth in there, bruising her, owning her. Further imagining spreading her thighs with his leg, knocking her feet apart with short controlled kicks. She turned slightly in her chair reaching towards the floor, her tits straining against the fabric of her shirt. It must be silk he thought, but her camisole couldn’t hide the outline of a metal ring through her nipple. He grew even harder shifting uncomfortably in his chair.  She stood with her hand out offering a shake, both pierced nipples proving his next questioning thought. Stifling a deep growl, he stood and grasped her hand warmly a little more firmly than necessary, his eyes like lasers on her chest watching the response. She turned to leave and a questioning “Hmm” left his mouth. She passed a hand over the back of her skirt, head dropping in shame, her other hand on the doorknob. He moved around the front of his desk holding the door shut with his foot. “Am I making you wet?”

She backed away slowly stuttering, but staring into his eyes brazenly. Heat that could melt an ice burg burning into him, she parted her legs and stood firmly. He reached for her wrist running a finger on the inside of the cuff; she groaned inwardly, how could she have forgotten to slip these off.  She tried to pull her arm away, and he countered the movement by pulling her more firmly towards himself. She stumbled a little the doorknob released and forgotten, into his chest; even with her heels on he was taller. His lips brushing the bridge of her nose, inhaling deeply the scent uniquely hers.  “We can’t do this here Sir, in your office, the receptionist just down the hall.” His laugh vibrated through him into her, connecting them intimately. “What will we be doing here exactly my pet?” He leaned back pulling her with him on top of the desk; she panicked a little trying to push away. “Be still now.” He ordered, “I’m just letting the girl know to clear my afternoon.” She relaxed against him, his arms wrapped around her binding their bodies tightly together. He paused half reclined, her skirt riding higher on parted thighs. Exposing lacey tops and clipped ribbons, his arms released leaving her clutching him in startled response. Pushing her skirt the rest of the way up following the direction of the ribbons.

He wrapped his hand in her hair pulling back sharply exposing her tender neck, she whimpered quietly as he whispered near her ear. “I didn’t know I was hiring a slut while I was at it. As long as we are alone you call me Master. Understood?” Her legs continued to part as she settled over his thighs, he could feel her heat, her wetness greeting him. Inviting him inside, it immediately seeped into his pants; she drove her hips down onto his throbbing member.  “Yes, Master I understand.” Gasping at the connection with his slacks, his hands holding the cheeks of her ass, halfway out of the skirt that was tight at her hips. She continued to cling to him as he pulled her short blazer off and threw it to the floor. Riding the waves of sensations that passed through the both of them, he tugged roughly marring the fabric of her delicate shirt. One button then two popping off at his insistent pulling. “Ill buy you a new one pet, maybe without these damn ruffles. I want to see those rings pressing against your shirt when your nipples get hard for me.” He stood with her straddling him and lay her on the desk gently cradling her head and back. Climbing onto the desk with her, between her beckoning thighs he pinned her with his body. She reached between them unzipping his pants, gasping at the full length of him.

He put a hand over her mouth pushing down as his recently freed manhood pushed urgently against her opening. He hit the button on his desk phone, Please .thrust. Clear .withdraw. My .thrust. Afternoon .withdraw. Then ripped the phone from the wall tossing it into the corner. Pulling completely out of her, “You are so tight.” Hard into her again and she writhed on the desk panting. “Scream if you need pet, when I built this place I made sure this room was sound proof.” She nodded tears pooling in the corner of her eyes slipping out to tickle her ears. He pulled her bra down and flicked the small ring with his thumb groaning as he buried himself inside of her pulling tunnel. She let out a low animal noise, as he stood off the side of the desk, pulling her legs up onto his shoulders. He pounded her relentlessly pulling on her rings as she screamed. His earlier vision closely realized as her glistening lips begged, “Master please, may I cum.”

Sexritary 2


She walked in for the interview, dressed in her best office attire, short sleeved ruffled neck white button down shirt, silk, her favorite bolero cut grey blazer, narrow cut straight lined matching grey pencil skirt, silk stockings nude deliciously smooth over freshly shaved legs. The only concession she gave herself, her shoes, though she chided herself for wearing them to the interview, black suede a slight platform, raising her five and half inches than her already impressive 5’9 height. Opening the door, the warmth from the heater filled her with a little more than healthy nervousness. She stood for a moment, the coolness of the winter air at her back, the warmth and promise of a secure future in front of her. While married she and her husband had decided she would stay home and take care of the house, she had missed working intensely. Finding the ad for this job a week after she was served with divorce papers felt like such a blessing. A deep calming breath and rousing mental “You deserve this!” she walked in, her smart clutch tucked under her arm, a folder with an extra resume’ available in case the interviewer needed it. She smiled brightly at the perky receptionist, feeling so confident in her own skin. Trying to hide any nervousness behind a positive vibe.

He had been rushing through the phone call, trying to get things in order for the interview scheduled in fifteen minutes. Why he needed another office manager he didn’t know, things were running efficiently enough. No one had responded to the ad anyway, except of course for this one applicant. A short background check had revealed promising and unpromising factors. Twenty-five, no children, in the process of a divorce, hadn’t worked in two years. He had been in the receptionist office when she made the call to schedule the interview and was a little surprised at the seductive voice that enveloped him from the other end of the phone. He listened closely to the warm friendly tones and the little breathless rise in her voice when she realized it was his office calling.  She had something to do that afternoon but was available first thing the next morning. He let the receptionist know that the time would work with his schedule and made his way back to his office. Slightly amused and grateful at the same time he was alone the potential candidate’s voice had aroused him. With a dismissive thought at his over active imagination he had set himself back to work, forgetting her in the next few moments. Hearing the front door open and close he strained his ears to distinguish whether it was the mailman or not. But, was both excited and in need of self reprimand as her voice floated down the hallway.

She smiled at the tick tick tick of her heels on the floor the silenced movement of her footfall over carpeted areas. The receptionist’s ponytail bobbed with youthful bounce as they moved down the hallway. She ran a hand through her own shoulder length hair, worrying for the hundredth time if she should have kept it longer.  Licking her lips nervously at the office door her heart pounded hard against her chest. The receptionist knocked lightly, “Sir, your appointment is here.” She heard a rushed goodbye and a satisfied sigh as a phone line disconnected on the other side of the door. “Come in.” The door pushed open and piercing eyes speared her to the floor. Her foot frozen unable to move forward, he smiled broadly, warm acceptance in his eyes.  “Please have a seat.” His eyes traveled slowly down her body and to the chair across from him on the other side of his desk. The receptionist volleyed her eyes back and forth between the two of them, unable to deny the instant chemistry. Smiling softly she retreated back to her desk forgetting even the offer to bring coffee or water. She remembered the faint click of the door closing behind her as she moved forward to the chair. It seemed miles away, her pulse quickening, nipples hardening, she unknowingly pulled her bottom lip between her teeth. She sat quickly skirt riding up her thighs and looked back at him, flushed, lips parted.

A flash vision of her sprawled in his bed, cheeks flushed as they are now, her lips begging “Please Master may I come.” He tried to remove it from his mind as he watched her lips move but didn’t register what exactly she was saying. His eyes moved down watching the erotic rise and fall of her chest under those maddening ruffles.  He wanted them off wanted her naked kneeling next to him at his feet. “You’re hired.” He blurted out and then laughed at the look on her face. Like a deer in headlights her eyes big and round, lips glistening in the light from his lamp. “We only had one applicant, I’ve reviewed your resume’. You seem promising enough.” He continued to smile at her confusion over the quick decision. Truth was he had made up his mind to hire her yesterday after hearing her voice over the phone.  He knew she needed this job and as things were going so far he knew he needed her for more than this job.

She smiled almost next to tears, so thankful that this hadn’t been a long arduous process. She resisted the urge to jump up and run around the desk to hug him. She would save the celebration for later when she was alone in her small apartment. As she pulled her ankles to the side and crossed them something between her legs made her pause. Her thigh muscles pulled tightly together she blushed deeply. Her slit was soaking wet, and she wasn’t wearing any panties.  She sent a silent prayer into the universe that he had an astonishingly busy day and would end this interview as quickly as he started it. Otherwise there would be a puddle on her grey skirt when she stood to leave. He smiled deeply it looked like he was waiting for her to answer a question. Oh my, what had he asked her! She had been to distracted by the growing wetness between her legs.