*old S&M idea, long time fantasy. When I shared it with my guy he listened carefully as he always does. Then with the edge of danger I love to dance on he says, “I never really liked to chase. I catch.” Of course its one of the reasons I adore him. He is one of the few that can catch me, while we both know he could out wrestle, out fight, out think me on so many levels. I have no desire to test him. Yet.” 

She slid into the long grass and nestled herself into the shadowy trunk of a tree. The rough bark pushing through her T-shirt. Why had she agreed to this? Her heart slammed against her ribs. She breathed deeply through her nose, trying to not make a sound. The rustle of brush startled her. She shook her head, this was so not worth the six hundred dollars she had been offered.

He passed so close that her scent filled his nose. Lovely slut, he thought. His hard on was becoming uncomfortable, they had been at this for three hours now. Something about this girl made him feel feral. A glimpse of red hair whipped out in front of him. “Come out. Come out ” he taunted

She ran as quickly as she could, searching desperately for the river she could faintly hear. A branch snapped behind her…… there was no way he could have tracked her. She turned slowly, afraid of being caught and almost desperately wishing it were over.