And another

It seems I’m on a dating frenzy lately, but Monday night. I will try to give justice, so we meet and physically well. Lets see: 6’5, the beautiful blue green blend in his eyes, scruffy beard, with these shoulders … I mean really …. these shoulders. All of this muscular, hard body. Wrapping up a boyishly charming personality.

The ego is there, no doubt. But I stroke them so well. We talked and talked and talked. I brought him to my office, which was very nearby, that kiss. The wonderful meeting of our lips for the first time. Lifting me to my desk, tilting my head back for even more. Down my neck, my earlobes, my chin.

Later after much debate on who, in fact, is the better kisser. I was topless, quickly losing my pants, while his wonderfully large hands massaged my back. One hand spreading the width of the small of my back. Up with a smooth firm stroke to my shoulder, wrapping casually around my neck while I moaned.

The pants were off so quickly, the sensual exploration of my body had me dripping onto the table. I turned over, yet again his lips on mine drove me wild. I was writhing on the table, the soft lights glowing on my skin. But all I could see was him, I ached for this man. A pool of moisture collecting beneath me. We laughed and touched.

Soon he was saying that the time had come for his massage. I watched as he lay his body down on my table. Muscles moving under his skin. My mouth watered, my pussy dripped. It was the most erotic of teasing, slick hands on his beautiful body. I worked the muscles waiting there, felt the relief. Let his fingers trail on my body as he continued to tease me.

I’ve never experienced something quite that sensual. Though I’ve given it before, it was delightful to receive.

Comically enough, he isn’t interested.

Mark another one down for the Succubus.

And another