I don’t have much money

But boy if I did.
I’d buy a big house where,
We both could ….

Have our respective families live with us, enjoy one giant loving family. Decorate a big Christmas tree and have all the gifts.

Happy Yule you lovely bunch of coconuts.


I don’t have much money

Happy November!

So I was part of a fund raising event.


This is the result of 22:30 minutes of spanking.

I’ve also been asked to participate in another photo shoot. I’m thrilled about it. I’ll post photos of that when I get them.

Other than that, things are busy, so busy.

Sending you lots of love,

Happy November!

Such a tease

I walked slowly into the new play space, the steady rhythm of my hips swaying. It’s a walk I’ve perfected, “the sway”, not the rolling forward that I find so attractive on other women. It feels like the pulse of the muscular body of a snake. A pulse, that’s a good word, the pulse of my stride.

Slow. Sensual. Provocative. A pastor told me once, “You have sin written on your hips.” I was too young at the time to understand the power of those words. The world had not yet begun to process me through this life. Yet, here I was, thrust into a hedonistic paradise. Dancing with the flames of dark fantasies, running my fingers in the stream of your wettest dreams.

It was a special night, buxom sluts falling out of corset tops, pony boys and girls posturing for a demanding hand, two poly houses with stables full of virile stock setting high standards. The energy was electric, coating me where I should have worn clothes.

I circled around the packs of people joining together in kinky activities. I watched as human toys were brought to their knees in the ecstasy of pain. I hungered, the flames dancing now in me. So immersed in the growing sensation I almost missed him. I almost walked by the hunger. Until his breath touched my skin, until one finger met the bow of my lip dragging blood red stain down my chin. Disrupting the mask I wore so well to hide the real whore within.

Such a tease

Last night

I got in about 5 this morning, 6 hours of hard deadly sleep. I loved last night. Love my new friends. Love being in a place where I am free to be me.

I hope you lovely people have a happy day. Ill be back tomorrow with more stories.

Be open to receive loving kindness, too quickly we dismiss it. As if our heart doesn’t need anymore. We can never have enough.

Last night


As of Jan 1 2013 I am a licensed massage therapist. I’ve slowly been working my way towards getting all of the proper paperwork together. Licenses, insurance, products …. the list is endless.

Last Thursday a partner who has been in and out of my life, both confronted and confessed some things. It was a hard day. He and I have reached an empasse of sorts. There is no turning back this time around.

Today was just a draining day. I’m feeling used and in such desperate need of a loving touch.

Last night though, I attended the tail end of a munch. The group was quite large this month 24 people I think. So many voices and energy trying to find common ground. There is a particular couple that fascinates me, much like your Ms Constance, aisha. But they are both dominant. B & E, their relationship seems easy and wise. Two people who have traveled a long way together and still like one another anyway. I want desperately to know them better, but last night was not the venue to do so.

Now that I’m single again the vibe has changed. Dom teeth gnashing at the edge of the circle. For now I’m comfortable though, reconnecting with myself, with my nature. Soothing my own beast.