I’ve been asked

The TNG (The Next Generation) group of our local community has asked me to give an educational class on sensual massage. The possibilities about this thrill me. Intristically I know the body, understand it’s zones. I can imagine how my body feels against yours. My softness, every dip and valley. My hands moving against the tired, strained, worn muscles under your skin.

Part of my job as a therapist is making my clients a partner. Sometimes just for 60 minutes, professionally we are partners in health. One in wellness. We are working together to better you.

Outside of work I’ve only been able to share this tantric, soul searing intimacy with one person. She is no longer on this plane of existence. I’ve not had any other partner open to sharing this with me. Though I practice it alone. It’s very different when its done with someone else. Very different when it’s done in front of a room full of people ready to learn what you have to share.

I teeter between opening up tantric lesson and just sticking to sensual massage. It’s just so entangled for me. One being the other, tantric meeting sensual. Being open with your partner. Regardless of all these things I’m very excited. Very very.

I’ve been asked

Moments alone

In the beginning, I tried resisting thoughts of you.

Only to find you turning into the cupcake on a dieters kitchen table.

Now memories come slowly, envelope me from behind.

The faintest whisper of days gone by, incense smoke of longing curling around my heart.

Your hands on my belly, lips in the curve of my neck.

If I breathe deeply enough the scent of you still lingers in the maze of my desire.

Moments alone